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AddrAddress representation.
AddrInfoEventAddrInfoEvent event.
AsyncEventAsyncEvent event.
AsyncHandleThe AsyncHandle handle.
BarrierThe Barrier wrapper.
BaseHandleUntyped handle class.
CheckEventCheckEvent event.
CheckHandleThe CheckHandle handle.
CloseEventCloseEvent event.
ConditionThe Condition wrapper.
ConnectEventConnectEvent event.
CPUInfoCPU information.
DataEventDataEvent event.
EmitterEvent emitter base class.
EndEventEndEvent event.
ErrorEventThe ErrorEvent event.
ExitEventExitEvent event.
FileReqThe FileReq request.
FlagsUtility class to handle flags.
FsEventDefault FsEvent event.
FsEvent< details::UVFsType::FSTAT >FsEvent event specialization for FsRequest::Type::FSTAT.
FsEvent< details::UVFsType::LSTAT >FsEvent event specialization for FsRequest::Type::LSTAT.
FsEvent< details::UVFsType::MKSTEMP >FsEvent event specialization for FsRequest::Type::MKSTEMP.
FsEvent< details::UVFsType::READ >FsEvent event specialization for FsRequest::Type::READ.
FsEvent< details::UVFsType::READDIR >FsEvent event specialization for FsRequest::Type::READDIR.
FsEvent< details::UVFsType::READLINK >FsEvent event specialization for FsRequest::Type::READLINK.
FsEvent< details::UVFsType::SCANDIR >FsEvent event specialization for FsRequest::Type::SCANDIR.
FsEvent< details::UVFsType::SENDFILE >FsEvent event specialization for FsRequest::Type::SENDFILE.
FsEvent< details::UVFsType::STAT >FsEvent event specialization for FsRequest::Type::STAT.
FsEvent< details::UVFsType::STATFS >FsEvent event specialization for FsRequest::Type::STATFS.
FsEvent< details::UVFsType::WRITE >FsEvent event specialization for FsRequest::Type::WRITE.
FsEventEventFsEventEvent event.
FsEventHandleThe FsEventHandle handle.
FsHelperHelper functions.
FsPollEventFsPollEvent event.
FsPollHandleThe FsPollHandle handle.
FsReqThe FsReq request.
FsRequestBase class for FsReq and/or FileReq.
GetAddrInfoReqThe GetAddrInfoReq request.
GetNameInfoReqThe GetNameInfoReq request.
HandleHandle base class.
IdleEventIdleEvent event.
IdleHandleThe IdleHandle handle.
InterfaceAddressInterface address.
IPv4The IPv4 tag.
IPv6The IPv6 tag.
ListenEventListenEvent event.
LoopThe Loop class.
MutexThe Mutex wrapper.
NameInfoEventNameInfoEvent event.
OnceThe Once wrapper.
PasswdUtility class.
PipeHandleThe PipeHandle handle.
PollEventPollEvent event.
PollHandleThe PollHandle handle.
PrepareEventPrepareEvent event.
PrepareHandleThe PrepareHandle handle.
ProcessHandleThe ProcessHandle handle.
ResourceCommon class for almost all the resources available in uvw.
RWLockThe RWLock wrapper.
SemaphoreThe Semaphore wrapper.
SendEventSendEvent event.
SharedLibThe SharedLib class.
ShutdownEventShutdownEvent event.
SignalEventSignalEvent event.
SignalHandleThe SignalHandle handle.
StreamHandleThe StreamHandle handle.
TCPHandleThe TCPHandle handle.
ThreadThe Thread wrapper.
ThreadLocalStorageThe ThreadLocalStorage wrapper.
TimerEventTimerEvent event.
TimerHandleThe TimerHandle handle.
TTYHandleThe TTYHandle handle.
UDPDataEventUDPDataEvent event.
UDPHandleThe UDPHandle handle.
UnderlyingTypeWrapper class for underlying types.
UtilitiesMiscellaneous utilities.
UtsNameUtility class.
WinSizeWindows size representation.
WorkEventWorkEvent event.
WorkReqThe WorkReq request.
WriteEventWriteEvent event.


Loop::run< Loop::Mode::DEFAULT >
Loop::run< Loop::Mode::NOWAIT >
Loop::run< Loop::Mode::ONCE >


Typedefs (util.h)

using HandleType = details::UVHandleType

The type of a handle.

using HandleCategory = details::UVTypeWrapper< uv_handle_type >

Utility class that wraps an internal handle type.

using FileHandle = details::UVTypeWrapper< uv_file >

Utility class that wraps an internal file handle.

using OSSocketHandle = details::UVTypeWrapper< uv_os_sock_t >

Utility class that wraps an os socket handle.

using OSFileDescriptor = details::UVTypeWrapper< uv_os_fd_t >

Utility class that wraps an os file descriptor.

using PidType = details::UVTypeWrapper< uv_pid_t >

Utility class that wraps a cross platform representation of a pid.

using TimeSpec = uv_timespec_t

Library equivalent for uv_timespec_t.

using Stat = uv_stat_t

Library equivalent for uv_stat_t.

using Statfs = uv_statfs_t

Library equivalent for uv_statfs_t.

using Uid = uv_uid_t

Library equivalent for uv_uid_t.

using Gid = uv_gid_t

Library equivalent for uv_gid_t.

using TimeVal = uv_timeval_t

Library equivalent for uv_timeval_t.

using TimeVal64 = uv_timeval64_t

Library equivalent for uv_timeval64_t.

using RUsage = uv_rusage_t

Library equivalent for uv_rusage_t.


Variables (util.h)

constexpr FileHandle StdIN {0}

Placeholder for stdin descriptor.

constexpr FileHandle StdOUT {1}

Placeholder for stdout descriptor.

constexpr FileHandle StdERR {2}

Placeholder for stderr descriptor.


Line 8 in src/uvw/async.cpp.

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