Class SignalHandle


#include <src/uvw/signal.h>

class SignalHandle final: public Handle<SignalHandle, uv_signal_t>


The SignalHandle handle.

Signal handles implement Unix style signal handling on a per-event loop bases.
Reception of some signals is emulated on Windows.

To create a SignalHandle through a Loop, no arguments are required.

See the official documentation for further details.


Ancestors: Handle


initInitializes the handle.
oneShotStarts the handle.
signalGets the signal being monitored.
startStarts the handle.
stopStops the handle.


Lines 38-79 in src/uvw/signal.h.

class SignalHandle final: public Handle<SignalHandle, uv_signal_t> {
    static void startCallback(uv_signal_t *handle, int signum);

    using Handle::Handle;

     * @brief Initializes the handle.
     * @return True in case of success, false otherwise.
    bool init();

     * @brief Starts the handle.
     * The handle will start emitting SignalEvent when needed.
     * @param signum The signal to be monitored.
    void start(int signum);

     * @brief Starts the handle.
     * Same functionality as SignalHandle::start but the signal handler is reset
     * the moment the signal is received.
     * @param signum
    void oneShot(int signum);

     * @brief Stops the handle.
    void stop();

     * @brief Gets the signal being monitored.
     * @return The signal being monitored.
    int signal() const noexcept;

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